UX Engineer

Daniel Vasquez

Front-end Engineering +Interaction Design

Being a jack of all trades allows me to quickly and effectively take products from concept to shipment.

<b>Zoé</b> Miller
  • 12 + Years and Learning
  • 40+ Skills & Technology
Web Developer

I'm A Rare Hybrid

Hire a unicorn developer experienced in web engineering, UX/UI design, marketing, and graphic design.
Web Engineering
Frontend Development + Technologies
Full-stack developer that specializes in front-end technologies. "My hybrid advantage is striving for pixel perfect UI production".
Information Architect + Interaction Design
My logical and abstract thinking from software development allows me to do the same for organizing information when creating seamless experiences.
Multimedia Design +
Growth Strategy
Technical Marketing Support for integrating marketing tools, tracking analytics, email, and CRM. Able to design marketing assets using Adobe CC.
UX Engineer

Skills I've Used

Here are some skills and resources I’ve created with throughout the years.
Web Technologies

10+ Years, e-commerce store templates, websites for small businesses, 4-year project creating a web app, startup experience.

Web Technologies

10+ Years. From "Box Model" to "Flexbox". Profecient using Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS libaries.

Web Technologies

Favorite language. 10+ yrs experience. Started w/ jQuery, vanilla ES6 for web apps, currently using React at a startup.

Web Technologies

PHP used for 10+ yrs in freelance work, mainly creating WordPress themes and plugins.

Web Technologies

10+ years managing WordPress databases w/ MySQL for maintenance and migrations.

JS+CSS Libraries

1 year. Migrated WordPress website to a component diven React site using Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Contentful CMS.

JS+CSS Libraries
React Native

1 year. Created a cross plattform UI using React Native uring my startup experience.

JS+CSS Libraries
Tailwind CSS

1 year and a Fave. Created a fully responsive and pixel perfect UI from a Figma prototype, without writting any CSS or media queries.

JS+CSS Libraries

6 years. Used Bootstrap's grid lyout as a starting point for creating responsive WordPress Themes and a web app.


My Journey

My Education &Experience
McFatter Technical College
Multimedia Design Technology
2010 - 2011

Multimedia production using Adobe Creative Suite, including raster graphics (Photoshop), vector graphics (Illustrator), print media (InDesign), 2D animation (Flash/Animate), 3D animation (Lightwave), non-linear editing (Premiere Pro/After Effects), web development (Dreamweaver), and sound editing (SoundBooth/Audition).

McFatter Technical College
Web Development Technology
2011 - 2012

Front-end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, back-end programming with PHP and database management with SQL. WordPress CMS, e-commerce, online payment processing, and further developed my skills in JavaScript. Overall, the program provided me with the knowledge and skills to create dynamic and engaging websites using open-source software on the Linux operating system.

Information Architecture (IA) Fundamentals

From determining what content should be presented and how it should be organized, to labeling and categorizing content in a way that makes sense to users, rules and methods for organizing the flow of information, identifying and diagramming content workflows critical to product success, develop primary, secondary, global, and local navigation.

User Experience Design Fundamentals

Create effective web and mobile applications that encourage conversions and leave users wanting more. Elements of user experience - strategy, scope, structure, skeleton, and surface. A/B testing processes and resources available to assist with the User Experience Design Process

React Fundamentals

Basic syntax of React.js using JSX, how to create React components and make them interact with each other. How to hook actions to a component's life cycle and how to use Hooks in function components. Additionally, React programming patterns for combining components with and without state.

Spot Pet Insurance
UX Engineer
2020 - Present

Startup experience. Worked with a team to migrate from Wordpress to Contentful headless CMS with React, Next.JS, Tailwind CSS. Also did CRO, A/B testing, tracking, and SEO. Adopted software engineering best practices like sprints, stand-ups, and version control

Masterpiece Living
Web Application Developer
2019 - 2022

As a solo developer, I designed and built a web app using Bootstrap, Javascript ES6, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, REST APIs, UX, and Information Architecture. Also, managed servers.

Budget Video Rentals
Ecommerce + Video Production
22018 - 2019

Briefly managed e-commerce department at video equipment rental co. Gained experience in video production, digitizing, editing, 3D animation & photography.

27 Colab
Web Application Developer
2013 - 2018

As a Freelancer, I developed web applications using WordPress CMS for small businesses. I used Adobe Creative Suite to create themes/plugins with Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and MySQL. I utilized REST APIs, SEO, and managed Linux servers.

Frontend Developer
2012 - 2013

As a frontend developer at this company, I utilized Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, and jQuery daily to create templates for 100+ e-commerce stores. Additionally, I performed web scraping and managed inventory using CSV files.


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